Weekly News

We’ve just received a payment of £68.15 for the last quarter of 2019 – thank you to all our supporters who’ve made this fantastic amount possible.  If anyone else would like to join our 34 supporters by shopping on line through Easy Fundraising, please let me know or follow the link on our website.  Just a warning to those who use the Easy Fundraising donation reminder – Amazon donations no longer work through this reminder and Amazon has to be accessed through the Easy Fundraising website or App for us to receive donations.         LH

We would be very pleased to receive any suitable items to be used as raffle prizes at our fund-raising events (when they resume).  Recycle your unwanted, unused gifts with St. John’s – they may be just what someone else would like to win!  Please contact the Parish Office at or on 01737 552461 so we can re-home ‘just-what-you-didn’t-want’ in due course.   Many thanks.

History of Croydon's Wildlife

Join Mathew Frith for a talk about ‘Croydon’s Wildlife in the years gone by’ on Wednesday 20 January 2021  4:30 – 5:30pm   Mathew, from the Brilliant Butterflies team and Director of Conservation at London Wildlife Trust, will talk you through the wildlife history of the borough he grew up in.
The Brilliant Butterflies project is creating new wildlife havens in the southern fringes of Croydon and Bromley, providing refuges for pollinators and beautiful, tranquil pockets of chalk meadows.  Brilliant Butterflies is a partnership between London Wildlife Trust, the Natural History Museum and Butterfly Conservation.
This talk will be delivered online via Zoom.  Go to: https://www.wildlondon.org.uk/brilliant-butterflies-events  to book your place or if you need any help accessing Zoom or you have any other questions.  You will also see there are other Wild Wednesday Zoom events you can book coming up.