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Children's and Youth Sunday Groups

Crèche Children on Sundays Confirmation Preparation Are You 11-18?

A range of groups provide opportunities for children and young people to have their own time of learning and growing together. These mostly take place on Sunday mornings during Parish Communion services.

The groups are:

age name
under 4 Crèche (not on the 3rd. Sunday of the month)
Primary school-age Children on Sundays


A crèche is provided for the 9.30 a.m. Parish Communion in the Lounge by volunteer parents. Our aim is to provide somewhere for Pre-School children to stay while parents attend the first half of the service. On a rota, 2 or 3 helpers from a pool of 20 look after 2 to 9 children. During the "Peace" parents come back to the room to fetch their children so they can share the rest of the service including taking Communion together. There is obviously no regular attendance requirement and parents can use crèche facilities as and when they wish and are welcome to stay with the child at any time.

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Our primary school-age children join us for the beginning of the service at 9.30 and then go out with Tim Hill, our Youth and Children's Pastor, for an exciting time of learning and discovery from the bible. Our aim is to help our children and young people know Jesus better and to discover what it means to be one of his followers.

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Confirmation Preparation

For young people aged from 14 upwards, this is an opportunity to prepare for a more adult commitment to the church. For details of preparation sessions contact the Rector.

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